Our Team

This initiative would not have been possible without the dedication of students, faculty, and mentors across the country. We would like to thank everybody who helped inspire, edit, and implement this report card.

Project Founders

Founder and Director: Karly Hampshire

Co-founders: Bennett Kissel, Nuzhat Islam, and Colin Baylen Contributing author: Sarah Schear, MS

Two years ago, we launched the Human Health and Climate Change Club at UCSF. Since then, we have met with policymakers, organized expert panels, enacted sustainability initiatives, proposed resolutions to state medical associations, and presented at conferences. In 2019, we decided to craft a standardized and reproducible Planetary Health Report Card for the evaluation of medical schools. We are hopeful that this report card will help inspire institutional change, at a time where institutional engagement with planetary health is urgently needed.

Karly Hampshire is a 3rd year medical student at UCSF and is interested in a career in internal medicine, planetary health, and medical education. Colin Baylen is a 3rd year medical student at UCSF interested in the consequences of climate change on health outcomes and disparities. Sarah Schear, MS, is a 4th year medical student at UCSF interested in climate change and global health equity. She will be applying to Pediatrics residency this fall.

Email me: karly.hampshire@ucsf.edu

Medical Student Report Card Leads

UCSF: Karly Hampshire, Nuzhat Islam, Bennett Kissel, Colin Baylen, and Sarah Schear

UCSF/Berkeley Joint Medical Program: Raj Fadadu, Sarah Schear, Xiaoxuan (Christina) Chen, and Tommaso Bulfone

Stanford: Jonathan Lu and Ashley Jowell

Harvard: David Mazumder, Julia Page, Julia Malits, and Adam Meier

George Washington: Samuel Duffy, Rose Milando, Savita Potarazu, Ali Sjaarda, and Harleen Marwah

Brown: Megan Duckworth, Swechya Banskota, Winston McCormick, Neha Reddy, and Sarah Kaelin

McGill University: Gianjeet Triya Ramburn (gianjeet.t.ramburn@mail.mcgill.ca), Jia Li Liu (jia.li.liu@mail.mcgill.ca), Shiyang Shen (shiyang.shen@mail.mcgill.ca), and Kelan Wu

University of Hawaii: Aiko Murakami and Trevor McCracken

Penn: Authors- Jeromy Gotschall and Genevieve Silva
Contributors/support- Taylor Streaty, Yi Zhou, Michael Wang, Catherine Yang, and Sara Briker

Tufts: Sharon Kelmar, Cara Lembo, Allie Neeson, Ali Omsberg, Jacob Rha, Jacqueline Shen, and Emma Williams

University of Minnesota: Jack Inglis (ingli027@umn.edu), Maria Bryan, Daniel Ly,  Karly Boll, Aaron Rosenbloom, and Anna Rahrick

University of Arkansas: Kristin Larsen, Zainab Atiq, Olivia Tzeng, Kaley Ferguson, Dakory Lee, Bailey Singleton, and Jace Bradshaw

Georgetown: Zaynab Almothafer, Gavin Clark, Brendan Crow, Aditi Gadre, Chloé Jammes, Siena Romano, and Noah Steinberg

Report Design

Thank you to Natasha Sood and Nuzhat Islam, who designed and compiled our 2019-2020 pilot report.


Thank you to our faculty mentor, Katherine Gundling, and all the other faculty who helped guide this project: Arianne Teherani, Sheri Weiser, Annemarie Charlesworth, Bob Gould, Patrice Sutton, Teddie Potter, and Tom Newman. Without you, none of this would be possible.

Interested in joining our team?

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