Research and Data Resources

The Lancet Planetary Health

The Lancet Planetary Health, is a gold open access journal that publishes peer reviewed research and reviews as well as comment and reportage broadly encompassing sustainable development (the SDG’s) and global environmental change. 

The Lancet Countdown

The Lancet Countdown is a collaboration of over 120 leading experts from academic institutions and UN agencies across the globe, bringing together climate scientists, engineers, energy specialists, economists, political scientists, public health professionals and doctors. Each year the findings of this collaboration are published annually in medical journal The Lancet ahead of the UN climate change negotiations, with the aim of describing how climate change is affecting health, the consequences of delayed action and the health benefits of a robust response. The 2019 report, along with previous reports, are available here.

Climate Health Alliance

The Climate Health Alliance was formed in 2011. Alliance members are health and development organizations from around the world, united by a shared vision of a sustainable future. Members support efforts in leadership, advocacy, policy, research, and education. Their website contains a library of documents and materials produced by Alliance members and colleagues in the health sector. The materials cover a variety of themes around the topic of the impact of climate change on health including:

The Climate Impact Lab

The Climate Impact Lab is a unique collaboration of 30 climate scientists, economists, computational experts, researchers, analysts and students from leading research institutions. They use a data driven approach to quantify climate impacts and provide quality health research. 

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