School-Specific Report Cards: United Kingdom

You can find report cards for participating medical schools from the United Kingdom here! Click on the buttons below to access report cards for the designated year.

Brighton and Sussex Medical School

Bristol Medical School – MB16

Bristol Medical School – MB21

Cardiff Medical School

Hull York Medical School

Imperial College

Keele University

King’s College London

Lancaster University

Leeds Medical School

Leicester Medical School

Newcastle University United Kingdom

Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia

Norwich Medical School

Oxford University Medical School

Peninsula Medical School at University of Plymouth

Queen Mary University of London

Queen’s University Belfast

St. George’s Medical School

Swansea University

University College London

University of Aberdeen

University of Birmingham

University of Cambridge

University of Dundee

University of Edinburgh

University of Exeter

University of Glasgow

University of Manchester

University of Nottingham

University of Sheffield

Warwick Medical School

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