Success Stories

Students have successfully used the Planetary Health Report Card to improve planetary health engagement at their medical schools. Here is their feedback!

“The 2020 PHRC sprung the creation of a Planetary Health Task Force at AMS which is examining ways to increase the school’s planetary health/environmental justice community outreach and advocacy as well as better integrate PH into the school’s curriculum.”

– James Thorndike, Report Card Lead for Brown University

“In this past year since the release of the 2020 PHRC, the JMP has done considerable work restructuring its structure and curriculum. However, most of the restructuring efforts have been focused on antiracism efforts, and only tangentially on Planetary Health. While we acknowledge the importance of this topic and the significant overlap between the two areas, future work is encouraged to include Planetary Health improvements suggested in this report card, and beyond.”

– Tommaso Bulfone, Report Card Lead for UC Berkeley-UCSF

“One specific faculty member has many plans/ideas that she would like to implement, and this report card will act as a platform for her (and us) to show that work needs to be done and hopefully incentivise administrators to allow changes.”

– Deborah Beange, Report Card Lead for Lancaster University

“As of 2020, there is also a newly formed (PHRC) Board that will ensure the longevity of this project. The results of the report card will help identify strengths and areas for improvement, and thus push the Faculty of Medical Sciences to improve on sustainability measures where possible, while the Board itself will endeavour to address these points and ensure UCL’s progress is built upon each year.”

– Trizzha Feliciano, Report Card Lead for University College London

“We have had some great support from the university and other HCPs in Bristol to integrate PH into our curriculum more. The university are keen to set up a staff and student working group aiming to integrate planetary health into the curriculum. Without the report card, this wouldn’t have been possible! So thank you!!”

– Abbie Festa, Report Card Lead for Bristol Medical School

“I was actually quite overwhelmed with faculty’s response… They also want us to present curriculum changes at the senior leadership meeting for the medical school, and also to appear at faculty meetings so other schools and departments can learn from the findings… Lastly they want us to ensure that we recruit others to make sure that this is a lasting initiative and that they can be held accountable for years to come.”

– Victoria England, Report Card Lead for Queens University of Belfast School of Medicine

“The Planetary Health Report Card created a medium for like-minded students who care about sustainability in medicine to come together. In doing so, the University of Leicester have their very first student led Sustainable Medicine society which are influencing changes in teaching and the curriculum. Having had a meeting with the Head of the medical school in regards to the report card highlighted areas of improvement and ideas for change. There were mentions of new staff being recruited who have a background in public health matters that we can discuss our plans for more sustainable teaching with, as well as new staff at the university conducting research into the areas of climate change. Since the society has been set up, we have also hosted sustainable medicine talks and increased awareness of the matter amongst students at the University and endeavour to grow in the coming years.”

– Anmol Landa, Report Card Lead for Leicester Medical School

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